Darknet / deepweb hacker society searching new members

Darknet / deepweb hacker society searching new members


Hacker Darknet Society

You are good programmer, You know a lot about crypto ? or maybe You just want to check Your self how good You are in programming and computer-engenering. This text is edited for special reason there is some guide here and maybe it looks a bit chaotic but there is a part of special puzzle on nonediary site You will find some special tips same like on this text. On last page on this article You will find a cryptographic puzzle which probably is anwser how to join crypto-hackers-chat. What next ? This chat is real time protected by lot of technologies and alghoritms so it’s untracable and You need browser tor to join it. This chat is hacker community where You can share Your experiance, secrets and tips about hacking, breaking the codes etc.

Society of Hackers welcome

People on darknet forums says it’s not so easy to get on chat so breaking the puzzle is just first step to go on chat, next step is that You have only 15 minutes to get on chat with showing Your programming skils or You will be baned before You even see what is in chat. It’s like a test where 2 teachers (old hackers or something like that, testing Your programming skills and personality if You not pass the test, You are baned. 


Ok let’s start with puzzle the orginal file is text file from linux and it looks excacly like this:










That’s all, if You can solve this code put the anwser in comment 😉


Is it real or scam from darknet?

We are not 100% sure if this puzzle is true and it can be solved or not. Maybe we are not that good to see what happends or maybe we don’t want it doesn’t matter if this is a hidden message than maybe it’s for You or maybe You seen this puzzle before? You can find it on darknet with tor too but it’s not that easy to get into that deep web forum so good luck and have fun 😉

2 komentarze

  • Kilerion Reply

    1 września, 2018 at 12:59 pm

    sounds a bit creepy 😡

  • AnonymousRat Reply

    1 września, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    numbers are probably representation of letters. Every 5 numbers are one letter or char. If we do small script with two for loops we can get first line from code which could looks like nickname or something: “PHantom”. I have no idea about solve more lines.

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