Neil deGrasse Tyson warns asteroid may just hit Earth day prior to election

That’s one strategy to rock the vote.

An asteroid with a diameter the scale of a fridge may just strike the Earth the day prior to the November election, in keeping with famous person scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson — however it’s no longer sufficiently big to do any critical injury.

The famed astrophysicist stated the gap rock, referred to as 2018VP1, is hurtling in opposition to Earth at a velocity of 25,000 miles in keeping with hour and might clip the planet on Nov. 2.
“It should buzz-cut Earth on Nov. 2, the day prior to the Presidential Election,” he wrote on Instagram.

However he added that the flying object is not anything to lose sleep over since “it’s no longer large enough to reason hurt.”
“So if the Global leads to 2020, it gained’t be the fault of the Universe,” he stated.

NASA had prior to now known the asteroid rocketing towards Earth, however put its probabilities of in reality placing at not up to 1 %.

“It lately has a nil.41% probability of coming into our planet’s setting, but when it did, it will collapse because of its extraordinarily small measurement,” the gap company stated.


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